Padilla and Firmase discuss problem-solving insights at DepEd webinar

Padilla and Firmase discuss problem-solving insights at DepEd webinar


Philip Ian P. Padilla, MD, Ph.D., and Prof. Josephine T. Firmase, faculty members of UP Visayas, College of Arts and Sciences, were the featured speakers at the “DepEd Tayo Iloilo Province” webinar on November 23, 2020. Their timely topic was titled, “Managing Partnership under the New Normal: The 4Cs.” 

They defined, discussed, and emphasized the importance of partnerships, which could potentially solve complex problems. They focused on how multi-stakeholders must share Inter-sectoral collaboration and how it could provide resolutions to social issues, much needed among the government, private sector, and civil society. 

In a nutshell, their discussion on the four C’s of partnership include:

1. Co-ownership – the key for partners working together to address complex challenges in the new normal,

2. Capital – bridging leaders have capital that they can use as part of their personal response to address complex challenges,

3. Collaboration – a need for inter-sectoral collaboration among partners, and 

4. Conversation (dialogue) – a tool for enabling action among partners, involving the practice of the four levels of conversation needed for successful results. 

Padilla is the current UPV Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs and is a Doctor of Medicine and Philosophy. He is a Professor of Microbiology and Public Health trained in Nagasaki, Japan. He is a former UP Faculty Regent and has done extensive research and community engagements in his field. 

Firmase is an Assistant Professor of Community Development at the College of Arts and Sciences, University of the Philippines in the Visayas, Miagao, Iloilo.

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