CDMO conducts operations review

CDMO conducts operations review

Stemming from an earnest desire to improve its services to UP Visayas (UPV) and its constituents, the Campus Maintenance and Development Office (CDMO) conducted an operations review on January 29-30, 2024 at the NAB conference room, Miagao campus. 

The review focused on streamlining processes and improving delivery of services, revisiting plans and programs of the different sections under CDMO, identifying areas of concerns, and proposing recommendations in response to identified concerns.

Vice Chancellor for Administration, Dr. Farisal U. Bagsit, stressed the importance of the operations review, for CDMO to step back, analyze, and address shortfalls in its daily operations towards a more informed planning and efficient delivery of services. This will also help the CDMO lift its image and boost the morale of its personnel, especially that the office plays a very critical role in the overall operations of UPV.

The Section Chiefs of the Civil Works, Electrical, Administrative and Transportation, Sanitation and Water Utilities, and CDMO Iloilo City Construction and Maintenance presented the functions and scope of responsibilities of each of their section, respectively. Likewise, they also presented various challenges, issues, and concerns encountered in the discharge of their duties. 

One pressing scenario from the presentations of the sections chiefs is the insufficient manpower of the CDMO in relation to the magnitude and scope of their works that service the entire UPV campuses in Miagao and Iloilo City. 

Dr. Cherry P. Añasco, the incoming Assistant to the Vice-Chancellor for Administration, synergized the operations review with the following observations: 1) The importance of CDMO in UPV; 2) The office is understaffed; 3) It needs to improve its services; 4) It needs to develop a scheme in responding to requests according to importance and urgency; 5) It needs to come up with a chart for its infrastructure projects with Gantt chart; and 6) It needs to come up with an annual maintenance plan. 

Bagsit emphasized the need for CDMO to recalibrate its approaches on how they do their work, particularly challenging the section heads on this task. She added that there is a need to go back and review its mandate and identify areas where they can be off-loaded from other tasks. Bagsit also assured the CDMO of UPV’s full support to help the unit regain its footing.

“We are thankful for this opportunity to really give the administration a picture of how vast the work of CDMO is in terms of servicing the entire campuses of Miagao” said CDMO Chief, Engr. Mario Morano. 

Budget Chief Arlene Avanceña, Human Resources Development Office Chief Ella Tidon, and Auxiliary Services Office Head Mary Lyncen Fernandez also participated in the review and gave their own suggestions and feedback. 

Chancellor Clement Camposano dropped by for a brief message and voiced his concerns on the ageing pipelines of UPV. CDMO reported that its plan to address this concern has been in the making for the past years.

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