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IT Security Reminder - Protection against Ransomware

up itdc

Kindly be reminded to be wary against ransomware, which is a type of malware that limits or prevents users from accessing their system or data until a ransom is paid.

UPV LMS Not Operational Due To Technical Difficulties

Please be informed that the UPV LMS is not operational right now due to technical difficulties. Restoration process is currently being undertaken by the service provider. Due the size of the UPV account, it will take some time to process the entire system. In the meantime, faculty members are encouraged to use alternative ways of remote learning & recalibrate your course syllabus, in consultation with your students, for continuance of the learning process. We will issue another advisory once the system is back in operation. 

Bulletin From the Office of the Chancellor

The UPV administration continually exerts efforts to improve our operational efficiency in delivering services to UPV’s constituents and stakeholders. To this end, we have conducted consultative meetings and initial interventions for specific issues and concerns. We are currently working to strengthen several areas and address specific weaknesses, such as improving procurement processes, reinforcing feedback mechanisms, adopting/implementing functional UIS modules and other information systems, and upgrading our IT infrastructure. Additionally, we continue to explore ways of streamlining and making our services as convenient as possible for everyone, such as by revisiting the Citizens Charter of Offices to simplify processes and reduce bureaucratic bottlenecks, establishing online payment schemes, exploring an efficient zero-contact policy, and adopting quality management programs and activities.  We aim to improve all our systems and protocols while still adhering to government regulations and auditing rules and guidelines. We are thankful for your detailed feedback and input and ask for your continued engagement and cooperation. It helps us accelerate the realization of operational excellence and enables us to work together to provide better services in the University. You may send your feedback to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Office of the Chancellor

SECURITY ADVISORY: Phishing Attempts Posing as UP ICT

To UP Users:

Please be informed that there have been reports of phishing attempts from an email address posing as “Admin-ICT- University of the Philippines.” The email will indicate that you need to provide your personal details to prevent your account from being deactivated. Please be advised that said email is NOT being sent by the UP System ICT Support, nor any of UP’s ICT units.


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