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Urgent Advisory on COVID-19

(1) The U.P. Visayas administration is constantly calibrating its response to the evolving COVID-19 situation, in close coordination with the Miagao LGU. With the continuing implementation of the zoning containment strategy in Miagao, and given the COVID-19 cases in the two households within the UPV staff housing* , the following categories of UPV employees will be put on work-from-home arrangements from February 22 until February 26, 2021:

  1. Residents of the UPV staff housing area; and,
  2. Residents of the barangays listed below identified as critical (ECQ), containment (MECQ), and buffer (GCQ) zones:

table urgent advisory 0221

However, the head of unit/supervisor may request said employees to retrieve files and documents or physically report to work if there are deadlines to be met or if the exigency of service requires. Please note that IATF guidelines for areas placed under ECQ, MECQ, and GCQ allow movement of all residents to access essential goods and services and for work in offices.

The heads of unit/supervisors shall ensure strict observance of health and safety protocols and conditions that would allow minimum contact among employees reporting for duty.

(2) The Guidelines on Alternative Work Arrangements Due to the COVID-19 Situation still generally apply to all employees. Please refer to Memo CCC 2020-11-013.

(3) Some employees may have lingering anxieties which prevent them from performing their work well. They are requested to discuss alternative work arrangements with their immediate supervisors and their respective Vice Chancellors have been authorized to approve these work arrangements. This way, operations are not hampered, and essential deliverables are attended to.

(4) Employees experiencing symptoms should contact the HSU as soon as possible.

We urge everyone to limit mobility to the essentials and avoid large crowds and social gatherings. Please also refer to Memo No CCC 2021-02-012 (COVID-19 Preventive Measure in UPV: Minimum Public Health and Safety Standards and Protocols).

Your cooperation will help curb the spread of COVID-19 within the UPV community as we continue to deliver prompt and quality services to our constituents and clients.       


*Cases in the UPV staff housing are contained in two households. Given what we know of these cases, there is as yet no sufficient basis for describing the situation as one of widespread local transmission. Our existing guidelines have been adequate in containing the spread of infection. They only need to be more consistently followed. Contact tracing had been conducted and those identified were already been given medical advice and are on home isolation/quarantine. Their health conditions are continually monitored, and their needs being addressed. Since the start of the pandemic, the UPV HSU has been working closely with the Miagao LGU Rural Health Unit in carrying out protocols and procedures in dealing with and managing COVID-19 cases. Moreover, our SSF ensures that quarantine protocols are being followed in the housing units concerned and the CDMO separately collects and disinfects their trash before disposal. The administration is currently studying the possibility of designating one of the buildings outside of the staff housing area as a quarantine facility.

advisory COVID 19 1 0221

advisory COVID 19 2 0221

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