FAQs on Graduate Admission


A. Admission into the Master’s Programs

The basic requirements for admission to the master's program are:
     1. possession of a bachelor's degree or its equivalent (degree or title) from the University or from other recognized institutions of higher learning;
     2. high quality and integrity of intellect; and
     3. English proficiency.

These qualifications shall be determined through (a) examination of undergraduate credentials, (b) recommendation of two former professors and/or recognized authorities in the discipline or area of specialization, (c) character reference, and (d) interview with the applicant, or other appropriate means.

B. Admission Requirement for the Doctoral Degree Program

For admission to a doctoral program, an applicant must satisfy the following minimum requirements for admission:
     a. possession of a bachelor's degree or its equivalent (degree or title) from the University or from other recognized institutions of higher learning;
     b. satisfactory evidence of professional promise, attainment, and scholarship as indicated by previous preparation;
     c. fulfillment of any special requirements for the major field that is chosen by the student;
     d. intellectual ability and personal qualifications;
     e. quality academic work done in the institution graduated from; and
     f. demonstrated capability in research.

A duly accomplished application form must be submitted to the college/school concerned, UPV, Miagao, Iloilo, Philippines 5023 together with the following documents:
     a. Official transcript of records, in the English language, from each college previously attended;
     b. For baccalaureate degree holders, two (2) letters of recommendation from former professors. If with a master’s degree, the third letter of recommendation must be from a major professor. (These must be sent by separate mail);
     c. certificate of English proficiency by a professor of English. This is required only of applicants from countries where English is not the medium of instruction and/or not the native language; and
     d. a non-refundable prescribed application fee for Filipino citizens or foreign nationals in bank draft or money order remitted to UPV. The correct major department should be properly indicated in the application.

Applications for admission may be submitted at any time throughout the year. However, it is strongly recommended that applications and documents be sent as early as possible to ensure ample time for processing and consideration.

It is requested that those applicants accepted for admission inform the college/school concerned of their plan to either accept or reject the admission offer as soon as their decision is made.

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